Locos por las cerezas

What’s not to love about cherries? With their luscious flavor and vibrant shades of red, it is hard not to find them appealing, but there is far more to this fruit than meets the eye. In addition to the fascinating history, botanical variety, nutritional value, and growing tips, this beautifully photographed book provides an impressive list of cherry-based recipes. 
Crazy About Cherries, Spanish edition, won the 2005 Gourmand Word Cookbook Award for Best Single Subject Food Book, and the German edition of the book was awarded the German Gastronomic Academy Silver Medal in 2007.

Far more than an engaging cookbook, this is a complete reference guide for anyone who has wanted to know more about cherries.

Recipes by Gèrard Solís
Texts by Laura Gosalbo.

Locos por las cerezas
ISBN 84-609-5601-6


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