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Divulgative exhibitions for big public areas and halls to show a global vision of the culinary heritage and gastronomic art exhibitions.

Art Exhibitions

Temporary exhibitions of gastronomic photography and painting.

Denis Nidos

Détournements de saveurs

The French Art photographer Denis Nidos showed in our gallery a collection of 21 surprising and original black & white photographs.

"There is no doubt, Denis Nidos, likes surprises: surprising himself and surprise us.
Food desired and imagined by Denis Nidos, an image pleasure, is a deep communion with that misterious world from which we proceed, thanks to an etnographic ceremony background. An etnography of senses that goes through our gardens, orchards, markets and tables, inviting to the poetry of life.
A unique, excepcional, funny, captivating, interpeleering, strange show.
Are we vegetables? Or vegetables are human?"

Pascal Serre 2008

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