About us

Gastronomía activa:
Leading the way in developing  a global space to enjoy and learn about gastronomy through great food & drinks.

Our philosophy is to bring people together through and around food: to explore, discover and have fun… and to promote and spread food and culinary heritage, bring producers and consumers closer together and strive for a healthy lifestyle,

Our team is managed and coordinated by PhD. Laura Gosalbo: chefs, enologists, sommeliers, and food and nutrition experts each have a long and fruitful experience with one thing in common: a deep passion for food.

With our group of qualified and specialized professionals we aim to provide information about the special characteristics of local and foreign ingredients, techniques, styles, traditions and new culinary trends.
Since 2006, more than 21,000 individuals
and more than 500 national and international companies have already trusted in us.

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