Our proposals


Divulgative exhibitions for big public areas and halls to show a global vision of the culinary heritage and gastronomic art exhibitions.

Art Exhibitions

Temporary exhibitions of gastronomic photography and painting.

Denis Nidos

The French Art photographer Denis Nidos showed in our gallery a collection of 21 surprising and original black & white photographs.
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Carol Tomás

35 paintings with a different vision on the daily gastronomy and... something more.
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Joerg Lehmann

Photographs belong to the book Champagne mets encoré par Didier Elena. (Éditions Alain Ducasse, 2008)
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Rosa Franco

Sensualidad, 30 photographs by Rosa Franco, from May 16 to June 20, 2009.
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Pedro Morales

Los sabores de la vista. “Con el color como ingrediente principal, las obras que presento pueden ser ácidas, dulces o saladas según los “ojos que las prueben”. Opnennig September 5, 2009.
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Xisco Albertí

A visual recipe. From October24, 2009.
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Forbidden Fruits by Ilaria Mauro

Naturalist drawings with a reflexive point of view about abstinence. Opening & vernissage Saturday September 18, at 19:30 at Gastronomía activa
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