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Gourmet Spain


4-8 DAYS
The Mediterranean coast boasts some of the most spectacular seascapes in Spain, and a centuries-old devotion to rice.

Eat, See, Do
Dive into the Mediterranean rice culture and the extraordinary diversity of ways to make it: the traditional fish stews and thick rice and lobster broth from the rugged, pristine-water Costa Brava; the black rice and seafood delicacies of Barcelona's local markets and traditional restaurants; the Delta del Ebro unique cuisine and infinite sandy beaches and rice fields; the anthological, exceptional and authentic paellas of Valencia and Alacant, true sanctuaries of this Spanish rice masterpiece. All paired with exceptional wines.

Barcelona and Valencia,
cities with some of the most unique
architecture in the world
Beaches with a Los Angeles-like cool vibe,
still-active sishing ports,
local food markets that hold treasures
of produce and innovation,
tradition and the avant-garde
in off-the-charts restaurants.

Here eating paella
is a mystical experience
A small village, a family restaurant,
a small kitchen with a huge cook,
secret recipes and
infernal embers,
here a myth is cooked,
here a legend is forged

Feel in heaven
with a real suquet (fisherman's soup)
or a lobster rice
simmered in a a beach bar
in one of the thousands
of idyllic coves along the Costa Brava

Find inspiration
in Costa Brava's maritime tradition
along the cobbled streets flanked
by old white walls
in beautiful fishing villages
that pepper this coast
of rocks, pines and
transparent turquoise waters

Seasoned to your taste
Rice  is a totally customizable itinerary, we can make it shorter or longer and create different experiences in accord with your preferences. Depending on your mood, and how much wine you´ve had we could pair it with physically demanding activities - trekking, hiking, mountain biking,... - plus our signature, memorable food and cooking experiences. Just tell us your ideal plans and we will create a legendary journey for you.

Free spirit? Go self-drive
If going with a guide is not your thing, you'll miss out on our company but we do understand you. Embark on your own adventure with our 24/7 available support. Everything will be planned in advance and ready for you, so jump
in your car and don't worry about anything but satisfying your hedonist soul. (Request quote).

Just enjoy. Everything is under control
We include:
All our hand-picked personality-packed hotels
Some epic lunches and unforgettable dinners
Our priceless knowledge and geniality as your private guides
All ground transportation
Hand-picked adventure itineraries
Exclusive visits to producers, tastings and classes

390-580€ per person, per day
Price based on 2 people sharing. This typically includes all
hotels, ground transfers, guided excursions, some meals,
and Galangal trip planning services and support.
This is a private trip, just you and your friends - up to
10. Minimum group 4 pax. Request a quote for 2-3 pax

When to go
October to June. We avoid summer months, too hot, too

Private deluxe van with driver throughout

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