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02 February 2017

Interview to Laura Gosalbo about water tasting

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14 April 2015

Amb els cinc sentits

La Dra. Laura Gosalbo, como experta en los aspectos sensoriales de los alimentos y las bebidas en el programa Amb els cinc sentits.

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26 May 2014

TV serie with Chef Wan in Barcelona

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29 April 2012

TV series with Chef Wan in Greece

Gastronomía activa provided global solutions for design, support, production services and coordination: Documentation, Contents developing, Design of food routes, Shooting locations research and management, Logístics and full production support, Filming permissions, etc.

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20 July 2010

Chef Wan filming in Andalucía

Gastronomía activa provided the food consulting and coordination services, documentation, route design, logistics, press management etc for the production of the thirteen chapters.
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23 March 2010

Gastronomía activa live on the TV program El Pentàgon C25 TV

Xavi Collado and Dra. Laura Gosalbo will talk about the Beer workshops & tastings organized by Gastronomía activa.
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13 January 2010

Gastronomía activa live on Las tardes de Pedro Riba

Chef Adrian prepared an uramaki with advocat, salmon and mango and explained the peculiarities of this Asian delicacy and the basic techniques needed to prepared it at home.
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29 December 2009

Flora de Echandi, "Tia Florita" and the book Celelebrity Chefs in Canal 7 Teletica

An interesting interview to Flora de Echandi, "Tia Florita" in Telenoticias Teletica Canal 7 (Costa Rica), where she speaks about her succesful career along 36 years, her presence in the book Celelebrity Chefs and about the recent honours received like the Special Award of the Jury from Gourmand Cookbook Awards 2009.
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16 December 2009

Gastronomía activa in Chanel 25TV

The program "Cita a cegues" hosted by Mercé Hdez-Checa, interviewed Dra. Laura Gosalbo about the activitiy "Aphrodisiac food and sensual cooking", one of the Gastronomía activa's most popular workshops.
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