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Courses and seminars, monographics for better learn about food or cooking techniques.

08 February 2013

Gastronomía activa at Paris Cookbook Festival 2013

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10 December 2011

Gastronomía activa en Barcelona Degusta 2011

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31 May 2010

Colaboración con el Maestro Cervecero Pablo Vijande

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24 September 2009

Olive oil and Laura Gosalbo in TimeOut Barcelona

Article by Manel Sebastián in TimeOut Barcelona
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28 May 2009

Salt tasting

A very profitable meeting, where different sensorial points of view where shared and discussed in a culinary brainstorm. The result: plenty of ideas tor using and pairing salts and food.
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20 November 2008

Chocolate workshop at Civic Center La Fábrica

Dra. Gosalbo directed the chocolate tasting workshop at Civic Center La Fàbrica in Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana.
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