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10 October 2009

Interview to Laura Gosalbo in the Gourmand Magazine

On every TV-channel around the world chefs are cooking until the
hotplate ist steaming.
This success is a multinational, multicultural phenomenon.High time to write a book about it. That´s what authors Laura Gosalbo (from Spain) and Henri-Pierre Millescamps
(from France) have done. The result is named simply „Celebrity chefs“. But the content is anything but simple: On 450 pages the culinary history of the cookery show and
a glimpse of famous chefs of the past, an international chefs of the 21st century from
21 countries all over the world. And a chapter about the swedish chef in the Muppet Show!

Gourmand Magazine: What was the intention of writing a book about celebrity-chefs?
Laura Gosalbo
: „Celebrity chefs appear on every TV channel, they are serious communicators and modern examples of professional and social success.
We thought it would be worthwhile to dedicate a book to a discussion of TV Chefs, to examine their philosophy, their ways of working, and the technical problems of their craft. These aggressively marketed celebrities need a variety of skills, of which culinary
ability is only one, in order to succeed.“

What is the main aim of celebrity-chefs: entertaining or transfer of knowledge?
„Food is a form of virtual and real entertainment, and celebrity chefs are famous, popilar, influential, opinion leaders and cookbook bestsellers.
They connect with people, and each word they say is heard by thousands, millions of
people and that’s why chefs have an extra responsibility: They must be aware of good,
healthy eating, and bring this to their recipes and to us. We must demand really educational
entertainment, not pointless cooking shows that may even convey misleading information.
Learning and teaching can be entertaining too when mixed with the appropriate doses of
humour and showmanship. We can have fun, but cooking shows must never be reduced to
mere fun.“
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