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26 November 2009

Champagnes de vingnerons tasting

On Wednesday, the 25th of November in Gastronomía activa took place a tasting of Champagnes de Vignerons directed by the prestigious wine steward (Champion of Spain) and restaurateur, Manel Pla.

6 Champagnes of vignerons from the exceptional  31.000 French Ha. The selection from the origins marks the stamp of the personality of every vigneron.
The terroir deals on each one from the three big zones of the Champagne.
We felt the brightness of the Côte de Blancs, the corpulence of the Montagne de Reims and the smoothness and trasparence of the Marne Valley.
6 Champagnes de Vignerons accompanied of some original morsels:

1) Tarlant Brut Zero 2005.
Without malolactic fermentation. Surprising citric acidity, very agreeable like appetizer. Refreshing and original. Perfect with a degustation of ceviche rounding up the fresh concept.

2) Diebolt-Vallois
Blanc of blancs.
More classic. Côte Blanc.

3) Aubry Brut Reserve
60 % red grape.
Zone Premier Cru. A bit more

3) Aubry Brut Reserve
60 % grape dyes.
Zone Premier Cru. A bit more evolved in aromas due to the grape pinot meunier. Fresh but less acid. Soft and nice, round.

4) Paul Bara Brut Reserve 2004
A Gran Cru of pinot noir.
More structurated. Serious, clean, bright. A table champagne. Perfect with ceviche of  grilled sword fish, with a more oily touch.

5) Tarlant Tradition Brut Reserves 2002
55 % pinot noir, 35 % pinot meunier, 10 % chardonnay. With wood, also without malolactic fermentation.

6) Paul Dethuné Brut Reserves, 2005.
Gran Cru.
Rested, less marked acidity. Delicious with a small glass of beans water.

In short, a small and surprising trip to one of the most prestigious wine areas of the world.

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